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This past month I have had a blast wedding planning. We started looking at venues for the ceremony and reception and I’m excited to share that we have decided on the venue and a date for the wedding! Keep reading to find out what venue we picked for the ceremony.

My Thoughts on Wedding Planning

Wedding planning sounds easy, right? Pick a color for your wedding, pick a place and call it day?

In reality… wedding planning is complicated and comes with a side of family drama. I’m starting to realize why brides get wedding coordinators. I was thinking about getting a wedding coordinator until I found out about Eventective. Eventective is a brides go-to wedding planning website to get real-time quotes for vendors all across the country.


Searching for Venues Online

We used Eventective to search for wedding venues all across Dallas. I loved that they have reviews from other brides to get a feel for what venue works best for us. Having the venue reviews, photos, and contact information all in one place made it very easy to narrow down our list of wedding venues to visit and reach out to the venue to schedule a tour.

If you haven’t started wedding planning you should know: Comparing wedding venues is like comparing apples to oranges and grapes. One venue will offer everything from silverware and china to the champagne toast and the next venue will ask you to work through a rental company to bring in up-lighting and the dance floor. It can be a little confusing to see what you’re getting at each venue, but Eventective helps you through it!

Visiting Wedding Venues

Touring venues is a blast. It got me so excited to start thinking about our WEDDING DAY! You know, the day you’ve dreamed about since childhood, planned out on Pinterest, and talked about with your best friend for hours on end? Needless to say, it’s worth looking at a few venues to find the right one for you and your fiancé.  

We toured Ashton Gardens, The Room on Main, The Crescent Court, Perkins Chapel and The Warwick Melrose. Some of the pros and cons that we considered while visiting venues:

  • Location | Think about how many local guests you will have and if it is convenient for in-town and out-of-town guests.
  • Price | Ask for the pricing sheet and estimated quote to get an idea of cost. Everything has a different service charge so the quote will help.
  • Size | Ask how many the venue can fit seated with a dance floor!
  • Scenery | You want your pictures to look great. ☺

After touring five venues, we are so excited to announce we are getting married in Perkins Chapel in Spring 2020! Perkins Chapel is special to us since we both went to school at SMU. The Chapel is gorgeous and we’re so lucky they had availability!

Engagement photos dallas
Engagement photo by Sarah Kelly Photography

Overall, Eventective makes planning your wedding day easier! Create an account today to try it for yourself and become your own wedding coordinator.

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This post was written in collaboration with Eventective

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