Website and Social Media Analytics: How to Use Them to Achieve Success

Hey everyone, you might know that my day job is in website analytics and this blog is my hobby. I’d like to share how to analyze your website and social media analytics to achieve success for your own business or blog. “Success” is a broad term and is different for everyone. So the first step is to define “Success” for you. Most people would define success in terms of revenue, but if you’re blogging for a hobby, success might be defined as a number of blog post views. Here are a few definitions.

I feel successful when…
  • I’ve achieved X amount of revenue
  • I’ve achieved X number of sales
  • I’ve achieved X% engagement on Instagram
  • I’ve gotten X number of followers on Instagram
  • X number of people have read my blog post

Pick a goal and work backward from there. When you have an online business, there are many data points to analyze. However,  when you have a brick and mortar store,  analyzing sales can be more difficult. Maybe you had more sales in your store because the weather was good that day. Sometimes it is difficult to quantify. In this blog post, I’d like to walk through a few examples of how to use your Social media and website analytics to achieve your definition of success.

Website Analytics

There are many ways for bloggers and small business owners to analyze Website analytics.  I use the free Word press analytics tools and Google analytics is also free.

Take a few minutes and go look at your website analytics if you haven’t already and answer the following questions.

  • What is my most viewed page in the past 30 days?
  • What pages are directly related to achieving my goal?

Now that you have some basic data about your site, let’s talk about how to use this data to achieve your terms of Success. For example, you’re a blogger that wants to drive sales of your fall fashion picks, but it turns out that everyone coming to your website is going to your blog post about “Summer trends”. Use this data to your advantage. Add a link to the top of your Summer Trends post directing people to your “Fall Fashion post”.

Do you get the idea?

Step 1: Identify website traffic patterns.

Step 2: Influence website traffic to drive traffic towards your goal.

Now, analyze your website analytics to see where is your traffic coming from? This is where you utilize social media analytics.

Social Media Analytics

Many bloggers are spending hours a day on Instagram. This is great if your goal is to gain X amount of followers on Instagram. This is also great if you can determine that your success is directly correlated to the number of followers you have on Instagram. I would look and see if getting closer to your goal is correlated to your number of followers on Instagram OR your % engagement on Instagram OR neither.

Social media analytics

If your goal is to drive sales and you’re worried about how many followers you have on Instagram, stop wasting your time. I’ve been there. I know how exciting it is to gain followers on Instagram. I soon realized that even though my follower count on Instagram was going up, I was not getting any closer to my goal. By looking at my data I realized that 95% of my website traffic is coming from Pinterest, but I’m spending 95% of my time on Instagram. This past month I’ve turned my focus to growing my Pinterest and I’ve seen significant results with the help of tailwinds.  I was able to increase my Pinterest views by 270% after 5 weeks of focusing on Pinterest. In return, I was able to significantly increase my website traffic in the month of September. Can you tell on this chart when I started using Tailwinds?

Pinterest growth

Get a free month of Tailwinds to try for yourself.

To summarize, be strategic about how you spend your time on social media and be sure to spend time where it matters. Next week I’ll be writing a blog post about how to grow on Pinterest. Stay tuned!

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