Vodka Cocktail with Edible Flowers

Summer is here and that means long nights with drinks on the patio. It’s fun to try new cocktail recipes and change it up a bit for parties. Today I’m sharing a twist on one of my favorite cocktails. The Deep Eddy’s Red Ruby Vodka with Club soda is my go-to drink for the summer, not to mention the company is based in Austin, TX so it’s great to support local distilleries.

To mix things up a bit, I put edible flowers in the ice cubes. The drink was a hit at my last party. The edible flowers smell great and add a nice flavor to the cocktail. I got the edible flowers from Central Market, the brand is That’s Tasty. If you don’t have a Central Market nearby you can also buy the edible flowers from Etsy.

How to Make Edible Flower Ice Cubes:

  • Pull apart the flower and spread the petals across ice trays
  • Pour water over the edible flowers
  • Freeze for AT LEAST 4 hours or until frozen. Leave in the freezer overnight if time allows.
  • Make your favorite cocktail and enjoy!

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edible flowers cocktail
edible flowers cocktail
edible flowers cocktail

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