Vertical Garden Inspiration

This spring we started gardening with a vertical garden and have enjoyed the fresh herbs and produce. Here’s a guide to set up your own vertical garden and tips for successfully growing produce.

What to Plant

In our garden, we are growing tomatoes, peppers, green onions, chives, thyme, mint, basil, and strawberries. Check what grows best in your climate depending on the season before planting seeds. Urban Farmer is a great resource for learning about farming and understanding the best planting schedule based on your climate.

How to Start Your Garden

If you’re looking for a starting point I found a lot of great options online to get a vertical garden started:

This vertical garden pocket hanger is a great quick solution to start your garden.
This second option is wall potted plants. It is a little more expensive, but comes with the irrigation system.

How to Keep the Garden Alive

The success of my garden is due to the drip water irrigation system. I installed an irrigation system that is on a timer which made all the difference in keeping the garden alive. You can easily order an irrigation system from Amazon like the one pictured below, here. Also, I put the irrigation system on a timer with a faucet timer which helped tremendously.


Thank you for reading along as I continue my blogging journey.

xx, Rachel


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