5 Reasons Why I love Essiac Tea

Real life- I haven’t been taking care of my body as well as I should. I would tell myself: I’m young, I’ll worry about it later I’ll workout tomorrow I’ll eat healthy next week I’ve been inspired by friends that are making their health a priority and I have decided to do the same. I had been prioritizing happy hours, my career, and other things before my health and have finally started to take steps to make my health a priority. Drinking Eassic tea is just one of the many ways I’m taking control of my health. Here Are 5 Reasons Why I love Essiac Tea
1. It helps keep my digestive system functioning
How many times a month do you think about your digestive system?? For me, never. I don’t have any food allergies or digestive problems so I’ve always taken my digestive system for granted.  I’ve been traveling, eating ice cream, and deep dish pizza without once thinking about what I’m putting into my body. Now that I’m getting older, I realize the importance of taking care of your health before you have a serious health concern.

2. It reduces my cravings for sugar read more