Instagram Story Highlight Templates

I love the Instagram story highlights and when I went to create an “About me” I couldn’t find any Instagram templates that I liked so I created my own on Canva.

I hope you enjoy these free templates!

Click on each graphic, then download and upload to your Instagram story. Let me know if you have any design requests.

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Rocksbox: Jewelry Subscription Review

When I first found out about Rocksbox I was skeptical and didn’t know what to expect. Now, three years later I having been using it on and off and love having trendy jewelry for date night or a girls night out. Read my unbiased review and see if you want to try out a month for yourself.

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What is Rocksbox?

“Rocksbox is a subscription-based try before you buy jewelry service. For $21 a month, you’ll receive three pieces of jewelry that are yours to wear and try out for as long as you like.” –  read more

Product Review: Saranghae Perfect Balance Toner

I am so excited to be part of the Saranghae Perfect Balance Toner product launch. It’s now available for purchase at . I had the chance to use this product for the past month and really enjoyed adding it into my daily skin care routine.

about Saranghae

My favorite part about Saranghae is the fact that their skincare is vegan and cruelty-free! Saranghae started in South Korea and uses traditional and modern techniques for skin care.

The Perfect Balance Toner

“A toner’s function is to complete the cleansing of your skin—removing the dust, pollution, and impurities that can still be lingering after washing with a cleanser, as cleansers usually contain ingredients such as oil, which can leave a film on your face. ” -Saranghae read more

Vertical Garden Inspiration

This spring we started gardening with a vertical garden and have enjoyed the fresh herbs and produce. Here’s a guide to set up your own vertical garden and tips for successfully growing produce.

What to Plant

In our garden, we are growing tomatoes, peppers, green onions, chives, thyme, mint, basil, and strawberries. Check what grows best in your climate depending on the season before planting seeds. Urban Farmer is a great resource for learning about farming and understanding the best planting schedule based on your climate. read more

Saranghae Skin care: Stop & Skincare, It’s Simple

Skincare ROUTINE, stop right there. Who has time for a “ROUTINE”? Most nights I find myself working late and falling asleep with my contacts still in and the lights still on. I made it a goal for this year to find more time to take care of myself and establish a routine so I wouldn’t wake up with dry contacts and an oily face.

A month ago I discovered Saranghae. Thank goodness I did because not only has this skincare helped my oily skin, it’s helped me become more intentional about my “routine” before going to bed. read more

Statement Purses for a Fun Night Out

Having a unique purse makes your night out more fun because your purse becomes a conversation starter!

A year ago I stuck to a boring grey clutches because I was being practical. Then, last month I got this pineapple purse from Shein (Pictured above) and it’s been a game changer. I’ve gotten so many compliments and questions on this purse that I decided to splurge for more unique purse. Luckily, statement purses don’t have to break the bank! I rounded up my favorite purses below, most of them are under $30! read more

Chicago Weekend Guide

Chicago is the perfect city for a weekend getaway in the summer. The weather was perfect for site seeing and the city had so much to offer. I had a blast staying downtown and seeing the sights while indulging in deep dish pizza. Here are my recommended stops for resturants and things to do.

Copy this google map to use for your own vacation and make edits to see your top spots.

Restaurants & Bars

1.  Au Cheval

This burger bar is a must on your list of places to eat. If your traveling with a small group, save time an eat at the bar. The wait is usually over an hour. The wait time a testament to the quality of the burgers! read more

Statement Earrings for Summer

It’s feeling like summer in Dallas with the 100-degree heat.  I’ve been staying inside during the day doing a little online shopping to get ready for my next trip to Boston. I bought a few statement earring for the trip and thought I’d share my top picks!

Shop below by clicking on the “+” sign! For my next post I want to do a collage of unique purses. Send me a message if you have any requests –

XX, Rachel

5 Reasons Why I love Essiac Tea

Real life- I haven’t been taking care of my body as well as I should. I would tell myself: I’m young, I’ll worry about it later I’ll workout tomorrow I’ll eat healthy next week I’ve been inspired by friends that are making their health a priority and I have decided to do the same. I had been prioritizing happy hours, my career, and other things before my health and have finally started to take steps to make my health a priority. Drinking Eassic tea is just one of the many ways I’m taking control of my health. Here Are 5 Reasons Why I love Essiac Tea
1. It helps keep my digestive system functioning
How many times a month do you think about your digestive system?? For me, never. I don’t have any food allergies or digestive problems so I’ve always taken my digestive system for granted.  I’ve been traveling, eating ice cream, and deep dish pizza without once thinking about what I’m putting into my body. Now that I’m getting older, I realize the importance of taking care of your health before you have a serious health concern.

2. It reduces my cravings for sugar read more

9 Best Dog Spots in Dallas

Meet Winston, he’s a Flat-Coated retriever adopted from the Golden Retriever Rescue Alliance.  He’s 5 years old and has brought so much joy to my life. Every morning he wakes up happy with his tail wagging ready for a walk. The real fun is on the weekends when we go explore dog parks or new trails. If you live in Dallas and have a dog, I hope you find this blog post helpful!

Top 9 places to take Winston:

1. Mutts Canine Cantina

Mutts Canine Cantina is located in Uptown. This dog park is geared towards humans and dogs. It has a bar and limited food menu. It’s so relaxing to grab a beer and watch your dog play. There is an entry fee of $6. read more