How to make a Balloon Garland

I had a blast putting together this balloon garland for my friends birthday party this past weekend. She wanted to have a talent show for her birthday and I thought long and hard about what my “talent” would be. I decided my talent is party planning and I would make a balloon garland to show off my party planning skills.

I snagged this Balloon arch kit from Amazon and a balloon pump to put it together. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how I put it together. It was a hit at the party and I can’t wait to make another one. read more

DIY Personalized Coffee Mugs

This blog post as been a long time in the making! I wanted to make these personalized coffee mugs as gifts for my friends after I saw these reusable starbucks cups on Amazon. I LOVE how they turned out and at under $5 per cup they are super affordable to make. Keep reading to find out how to make your own. It’s not a problem if you don’t have a silhouette cameo you can also order vinyl stickers from Etsy and add them to your coffee mugs.


Below I’ll go into detail about how to make a vinyl sticker if you have a Silhouette Cameo. If you don’t have one, no problem, you can order a vinyl sticker from Etsy for super cheap and add the stickers to your coffee mug! Here are a few vinyl sticker options: Name OR Monogram. read more

Business Casual Looks From LOFT

Happy Monday!! I’m excited to share 3 business casual outfit ideas to help you get through the work week. I tend to be more productive during the week when I am intentional about my outfits, wearing something that is stylish AND comfortable. Currently, my favorite place to shop for business casual clothes is LOFT.

Outfit #1

Pro tip: If you dress for success you’ll feel more confident at work! I got quite a few compliments on this dress last week. I paired it with my classic Kate Spade tote bag and matching clutch. This dress even has pockets. read more

Trend Alert | Straw Crossbody Bags for Spring and Summer

amerii Rattan Crossbody

I’ve been searching for the perfect straw bag for summer when I found have a variety of rattan bags that I fell in love with. My favorite is this braided rattan bag with blue detailing. The inside is a fun paisley print and it’s big enough to fit everything you need for a night out. My birthday is coming up next month so I might drop a hint to Justin about this cute clutch. Use the code “EARLYBIRD30” for 30% and free shipping!

Find more cute Spring purses at

I’ve rounded up my top eight straw bags for this Spring and Summer. I love the fun shapes and designs. There are a variety of price points from $15 to $55. Comment below, which bags is your favorite? My favorite is #2, I wore it out to a friends birthday and got so many compliments. read more

Wedding Planning with Eventective

This past month I have had a blast wedding planning. We started looking at venues for the ceremony and reception and I’m excited to share that we have decided on the venue and a date for the wedding! Keep reading to find out what venue we picked for the ceremony.

My Thoughts on Wedding Planning

Wedding planning sounds easy, right? Pick a color for your wedding, pick a place and call it day?

In reality… wedding planning is complicated and comes with a side of family drama. I’m starting to realize why brides get wedding coordinators. I was thinking about getting a wedding coordinator until I found out about Eventective. Eventective is a brides go-to wedding planning website to get real-time quotes for vendors all across the country. read more

Bridesmaids Proposal

The Tradition of Asking

Yes, it sounds silly, the thought of asking your best friend to be your Bridesmaid. What is the tradition behind asking and why should you ask rather than assume? Because being a Bridesmaid is a lot of WORK. Believe me, I was Maid of Honor for my sister’s wedding and I did plenty of work for the wedding. Last year I planned a bachelorette party for 17 girls and an amazing bridal shower! So yes, you do have to ask your friends to be your bridesmaid, because it’s a time commitment and financial commitment. read more

Guest Post: The Dizzy Cook

I’m excited to welcome Alicia Wolf from The Dizzy Cookfor my second guest post! I first met Alicia three years ago, through my boyfriend Justin, and a lot has happened since then. In 2016 Alicia was diagnosed with Vestibular Neuritis and Vestibular Migraine, two vestibular disorders that are not commonly known by the medical community, which makes them difficult to diagnose. To put it simply, your vestibular system (inner ear) is what is responsible for your balance. Vestibular Migraine is not what one would think of as a “migraine headache”, but is characterized by extreme light sensitivity, vertigo, a feeling of imbalance or unsteadiness, a lightheaded or floaty feeling, and dizziness – hence the name “The Dizzy Cook”. This chronic illness would previously leave Alicia bedridden for days. She says, “I’ve gone from bedridden to extremely active by following the Heal Your Headache Diet”. read more

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

It’s that time of year again and everyone is in full holiday mode. There are so many parties to attend: office parties, family parties, and parties with friends. Don’t be Scrooge and show up in a grey sweater. Put on your holiday best for your next Ugly Christmas Sweater party! Here are a few ideas that aren’t so ugly for your next party.

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I was obsessed with my dress I found this year. Here are some of my favorite picks from Amazon, Target and more.


Who says your sweater has to be UGLY for the Ugly Christmas sweater parties. Here are a few cute options I found from Shein, Amazon and more.


I fell in love with these accessories I found online. I bought the light-up necklace for myself and the bow jewelry as gifts for a few friends.

Surprise Proposal, I said YES

Engagement photos dallas

How we met

Justin and I have been dating for 3 and a half years and it all started with a swipe right. Isn’t that how everyone meets now? Our first date was a total flop.  I don’t know why the date was so bad. It was a Tuesday and we had decided to get dinner after work, maybe it had been a long day for both of us. We decided to give it a second try and go on another date…. obviously I’m glad we did!

Planning the Surprise

This past weekend my boyfriend, now fiance, planned the perfect proposal. I had mentioned I wanted a photographer to capture the moment and luckily Justin was listening when I had suggested that. He had planned for my friend Sarah, from Sarah Kelly Photography, to drive to Dallas for a day and take photos of the proposal. For them to surprise me took a lot of planning. They came up with the idea of making the photo shoot seem like my idea. Sarah told me she was trying to build her portfolio and asked if she could take photos of me and Justin. Without a doubt, I wanted a photo for a Christmas card and I said yes. I had asked Justin if he was available Saturday to take photos…. of course, he was free, he had planned it. He faked being reluctant to take photos and said he could only spare 20 minutes.

Engagement photos dallas

Flat coated retriever

All photos are taken by Sarah Kelly Photography

The Proposal

On Saturday I was a little suspicious and hoping Justin would propose on our way to the “Christmas Card” photo shoot. 30 minutes into the photo shoot he hadn’t proposed and I thought I had gotten my hopes up for nothing. I knew he was going to propose soon, but I didn’t know if he had already bought a ring.  At one point he was taking care of the dogs and I mentioned to Sarah that I was so bummed he hadn’t proposed yet. Little did I know he was just about to pop the big question.

The sun started setting, Justin turned to me and said, “Rachel, we aren’t just here for a photo shoot.”. I was beyond happy and started crying over his well-prepared speech.

Engagement photos dallas

Engagement photos dallas

Engagement photos dallas

Flat coated retriever

We’ve had some amazing times together. Our trip to Portugal, traveling to NYC for my birthday, getting to meet each other’s families, raising a puppy… Going down memory lane makes me nostalgic and energized to create more memories together. I’m so thankful for Justin, our friends, and family for making this past weekend one to remember.

Rachel Sheppard

Engagement photos dallas




Nordstrom Rack Picks for Christmas

Many people are shocked to hear that you can shop at Nordstrom Rack ONLINE!! I’ve rounded up my favorite picks from Nordstrom Rack below. Nordstrom Rack has all the same great products and brands from Nordstrom and discounts them after the season is over.  You can get all your favorite brands at discount prices and use your Nordstrom Gift Cards. You do have to pay for shipping and return, but you can return in store if you don’t want to pay the shipping fee. Shipping is a flat fee of $6 and free for orders over $100!

Comment below if you find any great finds at Nordstrom Rack!

The image below is clickable! Hover to see “+” and click the plus sign to go to the product.

Some of my favorite brands I found at Nordstrom Rack

Tory Burch| Urban Decay | Kendra Scott | Madewell