How to make a Balloon Garland

I had a blast putting together this balloon garland for my friends birthday party this past weekend. She wanted to have a talent show for her birthday and I thought long and hard about what my “talent” would be. I decided my talent is party planning and I would make a balloon garland to show off my party planning skills.

I snagged this Balloon arch kit from Amazon and a balloon pump to put it together. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how I put it together. It was a hit at the party and I can’t wait to make another one.

How to Put Together a Balloon Garland

  1. Start by blowing up the large balloons and blow up enough to cover the length of the balloon tape.
  2. Lay the balloon tape across the floor and start adding balloons into strip.
  3. Attach the Garland to the wall using the string provided. We used the string and painters tape to hold it to the wall and ceiling.
  4. Blow up the smaller balloons and add them to the strip. Also, use the glue dots to attached the balloons on top of each other to create a fuller balloon arch.

Step 3: Attach the garland to the wall
Step 4: Add the small balloons to the garland with the glue dots

The Balloon garland comes in many color options!

Things to note

  • The balloon garland is full of air, not helium.
  • I didn’t use all the balloons in the kit. I only used 75% of the balloons, so you could get a fuller or longer balloon garland if you use all the balloons.
  • The balloon garland took 1.5 hours to put together with 2 people assembling. You can assemble it 24-48 before your event.
  • The balloon garland will last for a week or more if kept inside.
  • If you have a really big event space you can order 2 kits and make a larger garland.
  • Rub the outside of the confetti balloons with a kitchen towel to get the confetti to stick to the outside of the balloons so it looks good.

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