Dog Products: What to Get When You’re Expecting a Puppy

Recently, a friend at work decided to adopt a puppy! She asked for recommendations on dog products and I thought I’d share my favorites on the blog. If you’re about to adopt a dog for the first time – CONGRATS! This can be very exciting and a little overwhelming. I never had dogs growing up and then I met Justin, who at the time had Winston. Last year I thought it would be great to get a puppy…. Everyone said puppies are a lot of work and they were right!

It’s been a year with two dogs now and I wanted to share some of our favorite dog products to help anyone that is about to adopt or if you’ve had a dog for a while and you’re looking for recommendations!

Pet Insurance

If you have a puppy PLEASE get pet insurance. We choose Healthy Paws, but there are many options out there. Reagan unfortunately has had two unexpected surgeries and I wish we had gotten pet insurance sooner!

Random Tips and Tricks

  • If your dog keeps jumping up on the kitchen counter you can put tin foil on the edge to block them from jumping up.
  • The longest lasting treat for Reagan is a bone with peanut butter on the inside thats been frozen over night!
  • Don’t let your puppy have water after 9PM or they will wake you up at 2AM for a bathroom break.
  • Buy dog food online – it will save you time! More on that below.
  • Find a 24/7 vet near you for emergencies!
  • Know when to get a dog trainer. If you need help potty training your dog or teaching them how to walk on a leash find a dog trainer in your city. If you’re in Dallas we recommend Samantha Phi.
Tin foil on counter to prevent Reagan from “counter surfing”

Buying Dog Food Online

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Chewy is the BEST place to buy dog food online because it’s easy and saves you a trip to the dog store. They have free 2 day shipping over $49 and a discount if you auto-ship. Reagan eats Natural Balance wet and dry combo and Winston has a sensitive stomach so he eats Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach wet and dry combo.

Anti-Spill Water Bowl

The Ray Allen BB2-PUR Buddy Bowl is probably our favorite Amazon purchase for our crazy puppy Reagan. This water bowl prevents spilling and helps reduce the amount of water that drips everywhere!

Anti-spill dog water bowl

Dog Harness with a Front Clip

We got this dog harness for Reagan and loved the clip on the front. It prevents the dogs from pulling on walks!

Furniture Protection

Everyone has a different opinion regarding dogs on the couch. Personally, I love dog cuddles during movies so they’re allowed on the couch and we cover it with this cover. However, the dogs aren’t allowed on other furniture in our house so we have this “Sofa Scram” that beeps when Reagan try to get on the coffee table.

dog couch protector
dog furniture protection

Interactive Dog Toys

We spoil our dogs with toys. We could probably create a YouTube Channel full of funny videos of them playing around. The best toys are these interactive treat toys, because it keeps them entertained for a few minutes and exercise their brains. Winston and Reagan can’t figure out how to play with the test tube toy, but they look so cute trying.

We really like these two puzzle toys, but be cautious and remove the small parts to avoid chocking hazards. If the dogs have a lot of energy before dinner we can start with some of their kibble in the puzzle toy.

If you’re looking for a free interactive treat toy, try putting treats in a muffin tin with tennis balls on top!


Rover is the best app for dog care!

We’ve found great dog walkers and homes to board the dogs while we’re on vacation through Rover. Since both Justin and I work during the day, we have a dog walker come take care of Reagan and Winston. Also, when we travel we use rover because the dogs love being at someones house instead of a vet.

Sign-up for Rover today and get $20 off your first booking!

Dog Crates

We have two crates for Reagan, a normal wire crate and a soft crate for traveling. We also got a crate cover to help her sleep during the night. Reagan is in her crate during the night and while we’re at work. If she wasn’t in the crate at night she would probably try to eat all my shoes lol.

Cleaning Products

Yes, you are going to have accidents inside! Our puppy Reagan took about 3 months to fully potty train. Our dog trainer told us about this AOE spray that actually removes the dogs scent from the accident so they will not return to the same spot on the carpet for accidents. My friends mom taught me about Folex, I promise this the best carpet stain remover out there. If you find a better one, please let me know.

Other Great Products

The list of great dog products is endless, if you have a great dog toy or product you love leave a link in the comments! Here’s a few more that we love .

  • Calming Bites: Some nights we use these to help Reagan relax. They are great if you’re dog has anxiety problems.
  • The Click-R: We are currently training Reagan with the Click-R…. it’s a long process.
  • Dog Waste Bags: this pack will last you forever.

Overall, you can start to see how getting a dog can be very expensive! Make a budget, including emergency surgeries, and see if it’s the right time to get a dog. In addition to the financial costs, you’ll want to be sure that you have enough time to take care of a dog. If you’re unsure about training a dog, consider adopting a dog that’s already trained!

I hope you found this post helpful!

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cute puppy
dog with toys
flat-coated retriever
Flat-coated retriever puppy

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