4 Things I won’t fly without

Be prepared for the next time you fly with these four things:
Disclosure for this post.

1) TSA Pre-check

TSA pre-check is a time saver! If you don’t already have it click here to apply.  It’s $85 for 5 years and certain credit cards and rewards programs cover the fee- check here to see if you’re eligible.

Another way to get TSA pre-check is through Global Entry. Global Entry is $15 more, costing $100, but gives you access to quicker lines when flying internationally. Find out more about Global entry here.

2) Noise-canceling headphones

Noise canceling headphones can be a lifesaver at the airport and on the plane. Believe me, a four-hour flight will feel like eight hours if you are stuck sitting next to a noisy group.

Everyone raves about the Boise noise-canceling headphones. However, for a tenth of the cost, I have enjoyed these off-brand noise canceling headphones- AYL. The AYL headphones are amazing for the price.

3) A good travel buddy

Okay, unfortunately, this is the tougher one to find because you can’t buy a good travel buddy and I can’t provide a quick link to find a friend. However, I can tell you a few key personality traits that I’ve found make a good travel buddy:

  • Someone that is like-minded
  • A friend that is flexible and relaxed
  • Someone that wants to see the same sights as you. Don’t book a trip to Miami to see an art museum with a friend that is only interested in the party scene.
  • Maybe a friend with travel benefits… always a plus!
4) A trusted carry-on

If you are going for short weekend trips, don’t waste time (& possibly money) checking a bag. Here is my favorite duffle form North face that I traveled Europe with for 3 weeks! It can fit a lot of clothes and can fit on your back like a backpack Also, here is the carry-on I take on most trips. Pros- It’s lightweight, Cons- It’s so lightweight that if you put your laptop or something heavy in the front pocket it will fall over. I did have my carry-on fall onto someone at the airport and that got awkward fast.



Hopefully, you guys found these travel tips helpful for flying! Comment if you have any questions or suggestions for future posts.

– Rachel

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